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Ontdek de perfecte ondersteuning voor jouw BBQ

Outdoor kitchen with barbecue

Is your favorite Kamado BBQ stable and safely installed? Roostr offers the perfect support for your Kamado BBQ in the Rubix system.


Rubix works with all common sizes, including Big Green Egg, The Bastard, Kamado Joe and Monolith.

Big Green Egg large Roostr buitenkeuken
Bastard large depot Roostr Buitenkeuken

Which Kamado Inlay do you need?

You can easily choose the right size for your Kamado BBQ via our 3D Configurator and put together the perfect outdoor kitchen with BBQ yourself.

You can choose from the sizes below.

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado 44

Big Green Egg Mini Max

Big Green Egg Small

The Bastard Compact

Kamado Joe Jr

Monolith Icon

Grill Guru Compact

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado 49

Big Green Egg Medium

The Bastard Medium

The Bastard VX Medium

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado 57

Big Green Egg Large

Monolith Avantgarde

Monolith Classic Pro 2.0

Monolith Basic

Kamado Joe Classic I


Grill Guru Medium

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado 59

The Bastard Large

The Bastard Urban Large

The Bastard VX Large

Grill Guru Large

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado 59KJ

Kamado Joe Classic II

Kamado Joe Classic III

Rubix Inlay Kamodo

Kamado XL

Big Green Egg XL

Kamado barbecue in buitenkeuken van Roostr
Kamado in een buitenkeuken geintegreerd

Your Kamado BBQ is always placed level in the outdoor kitchen using an innovative system.

Rubix Inlay Kamodo Roostr
At the right height


The shelf under the Kamado has an integrated lift system, so your Kamado is always at the right height.



Fixing the Kamado ensures a stable cooking surface.

Rubix Inlay Kamodo Roostr

Protection for your outdoor kitchen

Protect the coating of your outdoor kitchen with barbecue against heat, sharp objects and falling ash. Uplays can easily be placed in the Rubix system.

Stainless steel Kamado

Prevent burn marks from falling ash and charcoal from your Kamado.

Roostr Buitenkeuken

Made in Holland

The Rubix outdoor kitchen system is designed and produced in a CO2-neutral manner in the Netherlands.

The system consists of a high-quality mix of materials. The combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel and a double-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan for the outdoor kitchen .

Put together your outdoor kitchen with BBQ yourself

Choose your desired frame size and put together your outdoor kitchen with our 3D Configurator !

Rubix Single

Standalone or as an extension.

Price: from €2199

I'm going to Configure

Rubix Duo

The ideal basis.

Price: from €3199,-

I'm going to Configure

The kamado barbecue is a traditional Japanese cooking appliance made of ceramic and is ideal for trying out different cooking techniques and preparing delicious dishes. Kamado barbecues can reach extremely high temperatures, allowing you to prepare all kinds of food on them. The Kamado barbecue can also be used to smoke food for a deep, woody flavor.

Want a beautiful Kamado barbecue in the garden? Integrate your Kamado into an outdoor kitchen for extra work and storage space!

The Big Green Egg is one of the most popular and beloved barbecues and an absolute asset to your garden or terrace. Would you like to combine your outdoor kitchen with a Green Egg? Roostr's outdoor kitchens work with all common sizes from Big Green Egg, among others. You can easily choose the right size for your Big Green Egg BBQ via the 3D Configurator.