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Meet Allure

Allure. Our new outdoor kitchen line. A kitchen with detail, luxury and 'allure'. Designed with the most beautiful materials, this kitchen exudes class. With the Allure outdoor kitchen, being outside becomes a true experience. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to provide a unique culinary experience without leaving your own backyard. The outdoor kitchen invites you to get together and enjoy in style.

At Roostr we understand that an outdoor kitchen is the gastronomic heart of your garden, and that is why we have created the Allure line - an outdoor kitchen that is not only functional, but also unparalleled luxury and exudes elegance. With a range of styles, colors and layout options, the Roostr Allure offers unprecedented flexibility to meet your unique tastes and needs. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a classic look, the Roostr Allure has it all.

Step into a world of refinement with Roostr Allure: where every meal is a celebration of taste, style and the good life.

Freedom of choice with Allure

At Roostr we understand that an outdoor kitchen is the gastronomic heart of your garden, and that is why we have created the Allure line – an outdoor kitchen that is not only functional, but also radiates unparalleled allure and elegance. With a range of styles, colors and layout options, the Roostr Allure offers unprecedented flexibility to meet your unique tastes and needs. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a classic look, it's all possible with the Roostr Allure. The outdoor kitchen consists of a high-quality mix of materials. The combination of stainless steel and a 3-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan.


Roostr Allure offers a range of options to create your ideal outdoor cooking environment. Discover the luxury of customization.

Top thickness
Choose from a range of top thicknesses, ranging from the robust 12 or 20 cm solid top to a subtly thickened top in 4, 6, 8 or 10 cm.

Type of top
Discover our selection of high-quality top materials. Choose from a wide range of Dekton, Florim and Neolith. These worktops all meet the requirements for an outdoor space. They are heat, UV and water resistant, impermeable and hygienic.

Folding wall
Choose folding walls as a distinction and finishing touch for your outdoor kitchen, where functionality, protection and aesthetics come together. Create symmetry and unity in your outdoor kitchen.


Roostr Allure offers you the opportunity to translate your own wishes, creativity and needs into the ultimate outdoor setting.

Our high-quality equipment can be integrated where you would like it.

The freedom to determine your own layout goes beyond just design; it's about customized functionality. It is the opportunity to create an outdoor kitchen that is not only visually impressive, but also perfectly tailored to your cooking style. Choose the perfect place for the Caso refrigerator, integrate the Kamado in a strategic location and design your pitt cooking station that suits you.

Allure Bar
When you place your outdoor kitchen free-standing, the kitchen can not only serve as a culinary center but also a place where friends and family gather.


Roostr Allure offers you the choice to complete your outdoor kitchen with refined details.

Make your outdoor kitchen shine with the addition of LED lighting at both the front and rear. This subtle but powerful lighting ensures that your outdoor kitchen has a breathtaking appearance, even in the dark.

Bookmatch top
Our kitchens are equipped with a top with bookmatch, where the vein structure continues seamlessly into the side. A subtle detail that is not only visually stunning, but also shows craftsmanship.

Gloss or matte
Choose the perfect finish that suits your style and preferences. Go for timeless elegance with a glossy finished top or opt for a modern look with a matt finished top.

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Allure Doble

Buitenkoken in stijl.


Allure Triple

Een culinaire beleving.


Allure Cuarto

De ultieme buitenkeuken.



The Roostr Allure Outdoor Kitchen is made of various high-quality materials. For example, Roostr's luxury outdoor kitchen is made of stainless steel and the frame is finished with a three-layer powder coating, which makes your outdoor kitchen rust, scratch and weather resistant. You can therefore leave the kitchen outside all year round without any worries.

Roostr Allure gives you the option to arrange the frame yourself. Choose the practical and versatile option of drawers in your frame, putting your kitchen utensils, spices and accessories within easy reach. Go beyond standard layouts and discover how your outdoor kitchen can be fully tailored to your culinary preferences.


Roostr Outdoor Kitchens uses equipment from leading brands that, with an eye for design and a high commitment to top quality, align with Roostr's core values. With attention to detail and innovative designs, these brands take your outdoor kitchen experience to the next level, making every cooking experience a moment of pure pleasure.

A sink and tap, not only practical but also provides a touch of luxury. Want to quickly wash your hands without having to walk inside? The sink is flush-mounted with a seamless and integrated drain. For real barbecue enthusiasts, we offer top-class BBQs, including the Big Green Egg, the Monolith, and the Bastard. These brands take barbecuing to the next level.

Keep your ingredients cool and within reach with the Caso refrigerator, and create an authentic Italian atmosphere with the Alfa Forni pizza oven. PITT Cooking adds a professional touch to the outdoor kitchen. Separate cooking rings that can be integrated into any worktop.

Other brands and equipment we offer are Fulgor Milano, Indu + and gas barbecues from Flamkraft.


With Roostr Allure you get the opportunity to create an outdoor kitchen that perfectly matches your personal style and preferences. This innovative system offers a wide choice of options with which you can create your own unique outdoor kitchen. Whether you prefer the warm and timeless look of terracotta, the softness of pastel colors, or the local charm of natural tones, the Roostr Allure gives you the freedom to choose.

With a wide range of colors you can completely customize your outdoor kitchen. adjust the atmosphere you want to create in your outdoor space and Roostr Allure offers you the opportunity to add your own touch to the outdoor kitchen.


Timeless Taupe

Our favorite is the Allure Timeless Taupe. This outdoor kitchen and accompanying color combination are a true ode to the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Inspired by the warmth and elegance of the Mediterranean Sea, the Allure Timeless Taupe brings not only functionality but also a piece of Mediterranean magic to your garden. Whether you enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or a cozy dinner under the stars, the Allure Timeless Taupe adds a touch of timeless class to any outdoor experience.

Admire Allure in real life

Start your inspiration journey to the perfect Roostr Outdoor Kitchen at Van Beem Buitenleven. With an Experience Center of 10,000 m2, they offer the perfect opportunity to get to know Roostr.

Walk through the Van Beem Buitenleven showroom, where you can experience an extensive range of layouts and designs of the Roostr Outdoor Kitchens. From our modular and functional Roostr Rubix outdoor kitchen to the elegant and luxurious Allure outdoor kitchen. The Roostr Allure can now be admired exclusively at Van Beem Buitenleven.

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