Luxury outdoor kitchen with a bar

Outdoor kitchen with bar Enjoying the outdoors together

With the perfect combination of a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen with bar and a canopy, delicious grilled delicacies prepared on a Monolith kamado barbecue can be enjoyed all year round.

In collaboration with Van Beem Buitenleven, we created this ultimate family outdoor kitchen for Laura Ponticorvo and her husband Ryan Rijger in the summer of 2023. It has become a place for delicious outdoor cooking. But it's more than that, it's a place to make memories. From summer barbecue parties to intimate dinners or winter fun. Every moment around the outdoor kitchen is one to be cherished.

Luxury outdoor kitchen with bar

The combination of a Rubix Duo with a Rubix bar is perfect for staying in touch with your guests while cooking. The luxurious Dekton Laurent worktop gives you enough space to prepare the tastiest dishes or provide drinks. To create an extra luxurious look, the back of the outdoor kitchen is finished with the new Frake back panel. The outdoor kitchen is beautiful to look at on all sides.

Luxury outdoor kitchen with bar and kamado barbecue

Roostr's outdoor kitchens are completely modular, so you can always expand the outdoor kitchen later with additional modules or supplement it with useful accessories. By using a mix of high-quality materials, the outdoor kitchens can be left outside all year round, even without a roof.

Outdoor kitchen with Dekton Laurent top and kamado barbecue

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